Children’s Portraits by Beach Portraits Photography


A child grows like a flower in the meadow….

The beauty of your child’s portrait in nature...

the beauty of a mother-child portrait on the beach…

They will become family heirlooms to be treasured for all time.

Thoughts of love… that special feeling... a moment in

time frozen forever on your canvas wall portrait.


Children: Innocence and sensitivity, happiness and playfulness.

All of these feelings can be captured through our fine portraiture.

John Gregory and Chuck Thomas have devoted years developing

a relaxed and fun way to have your child’s portrait created.

When it’s enjoyable for everyone, the results will be a

outstanding portrait for your to cherish for a lifetime.


Don’t let time slip through your fingers, don’t let these moments

pass away, let us capture them now before they are gone forever.


Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you with fine

portraiture.  Every image you select will be custom cropped, color

enhanced, and retouched at no extra charge.  We want your portraits

to be the best that they can be for a lifetime of viewing pleasure..


Browse our gallery below for samples of our fine Children’s Portraits.



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