Family Portraits by Beach Portraits Photography


Words alone cannot express the feelings you share with your family.

The pride, the love, the concern, the fun of doing things together!

What does it mean to you and how do you say it?   A photographic

portrait by Beach Portraits Photography just seems to say it all !

Your family portrait becomes a vivid expression of your love and your

emotions.   John Gregory and Chuck Thomas have devoted years to

developing a simple, relaxed and fun way to have your portrait created.

Because we make your photo session enjoyable for everyone, your portrait

will show the personality of each member of your family.

What better way to say   “I  love  you!”


Not just snapshots by someone with a digital camera,… but real portraiture…

created by a real professional… portraits that communicate the meaningful story

of your family.   We like to capture:  your entire family together,  mom and

dad together, and your children together.  We will highlight the best memories

of your beach vacation.   After creation, every image you select will be custom

cropped, digitally enhanced, and retouched before being sent to our professional

photo lab to be masterfully reproduced on canvas or on professional grade

photographic paper.   We don’t  snap photos,  we create masterpieces!


Browse our gallery below for samples of our family Portraiture. 


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