FAQs about your Portrait Session



What is the best time for your session? 

A good guideline for this is to set your session to be one full day after

your arrival-  this will give you a time to relax and get the lay of the land

the next day will be your session and if the weather is bad you can be

rescheduled for the following day. Booking early will also help with the

dreaded sunburn problems later in your visit.



How long do the sessions last?

45 minutes to 1 hour is usually adequate but we will take as long

as you need  to satisfy your particular situation.



What should we wear?

Classic Simplicity is the guideline:

• White and Khaki, Black, Denim and Pastel Solids are all very popular and 

• Avoid patterns, checkers, stripes and plaids because they make the groups look

   to busy, cluttered and unprofessional.

• Be aware that brands can date your session.

• You may view our galleries for ideas on what to wear.



Things to do to prepare:

 Very young children should have a nap before the session. It

 will improve their temperament and enjoyment as well as  yours.

 Teenagers love cell phones but nothing hurts a family sitting worse

 than seeing a phone in their hand or sticking out of their pocket.

 The Beach is always beautiful but Nature can be unpredictable.

 One big word is Wind; it’s free and cooling but can cause problems

 during a session. To handle this having  access to head bands or hair ties

 is very important, Also, not to much hair spray because it blows up in

 clumps which creates problems

 Again suntans are nice but sunburns can be a disaster for the portrait

 as well as the person Excessive make-up and especially rouge is not recommended.



Can we bring our own camera and cellphone to the photo session?

In order to create the best possible images for your portraits, we need as few distractions as possible. Someone with a camera or cellphone can quickly become a big distraction and cause your final images not to be all they can be.  Keep in mind that we are on the beach, the sand and salt water can be very damaging to your cellphone or camera. You will not want your cellphone or camera to be visible in your finished portraits, and if you lay them on the beach while we are photographing you, they may be damaged by the sand or saltwater. For these reasons it is best that cellphones and cameras not be brought along on your photo session.



Can our pets be photographed on our photo session?

Is your pet part of the family?  If so, then we would love to have you pets photographed with you.  Be sure and let us know in advance about your

pets, so we can make the proper arrangements.



How do we view our images?

We make every effort to have your images ready the next day for you to view at our Monkey Junction Office.  By viewing your images at our office you get to pick out the images you like the best and ask questions about the images you select.  Can the image be cropped this way? Can this be retouched out?  Can my finished portrait be this size?  Can I get a collage of these images?  We can answer these questions while you are looking at your images.  Also you can see samples of our finished work,  our custom deluxe wall portraits and our custom canvas wall portraits.  These have to be seen in person to appreciate how beautiful they really are!


Under some conditions we may be able to come to where you are and preview your images at your location.


We can also put your images online so they may be viewed from your home up to thirty (30) days after your session.






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